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  • Founder of Avalanche Computing, Jay Chen |Artificial intelligence news

    Avalanche Computing develops large-scale computing techniques for high-scalability AI projects

    Avalanche Computing focuses on optimizing the deep learning environment and training in distribution, lightening the trained model, and then deploying the AI model at a large-scale.

    From crypto trading and home workouts to EV batteries and microled displays: CES’s Taiwan startups cover a wide range of tech

    Avalanche Computing offers a performance-optimized workflow for AI experts at SMEs, helping them redesign algorithms and deploy AI models. It can train AI models in parallel or in distribution.....

    The Best of Emerging Tech from CES 2021

    Avalanche Computing announced at CES an AI framework that is meant to increase production speed and provide a smart implementation that requires only click-through.

    IoT For All at CES: AI, IoT, and Robots

    Avalanche Computing announced that it has developed a one-click-through AI framework that is designed to increase production speed for edge implementations, while still remaining scalable.

  • Fight to COVID-19 with FAST-AI

    We are here to contribute to a better future with artificial intelligence.

    CES 2021 FAST-AI

    In 2021, We announced the FAST-AI development plan at CES.


    Before launching our product, the artificial intelligence tool called FAST-AI, we have worked with medical professionals and helped them succeed in 2020.


    We believe, in ten years, everyone can develop an artificial intelligence project themself via Avalanche Computing's product FAST-AI.

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