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    FAST-AI Enables Better Respiratory Monitoring For Saving Lives


    Heroic-Faith is developing an AI-based mobile application that monitors patients’ respiratory systems. However, the development cycle of the artificial intelligence model is lengthy. To enhance the process, Heroic-Faith applies our artificial intelligence tool. As a result,

    • FASI-AI decreases the time needed for AI model development through distributed training.
    • A more accurate prediction of adventitious lung sound is generated.

    AI for Social Good: COVID-19 Image Analysis

    Taiwan Project (TWCC)

    Chest computerized tomography image (CT image) is one of the visual medical data used in diagnostic decision-making of COVID-19. Our artificial intelligence tool helps increase the accuracy of AI models and heightens the model training procedure.

    • Our Deep U-Net technique increases the precision of the lung area detection.
    • We fastened the model training process by 3600%, reducing the time needed from 72 hours to 2 hours. 
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