• We provide

    Hyper-Scale Computing Framework


    Development and Deployment

    the Intelligence Applications

    The Last Mile to Deploy your AI Applications in Scale

  • Do you know? 80% of AI Specialists are Wasting Time for Computing the Results?

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  • Our Advantages

    You focus on Innovation, We do the Rest.


    AI Workflow

    • 9+ years of the user research team for finding critical problems
    • UI/UX improvement for providing human-centered AI tools
    • Adequate transform the user need to your AI solutions


    with In-house Team

    • Consulting and Collaboration for doing Deep Learning
    • Our team includes the Domain Experts and AI Experts
    • Addressable future inference market with your team

    Hyper-Scale Computing

    • Multi-GPUs in Parallel
    • Multi-GPUs on Multiple Node
    • Hybrid Cloud Computing 
    • Dynamic Edge Computing
    • Flexible Scaling
    • Bigdata ETL System

    Hyper-Scale AI Solutions

    • Computer Vision (Classification, Detection, and Segmentation)
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Reinforcement Learning (Deep-RL)
    • Sensor Application (Time sequence)

    Hyper-Scale AI Deployment

    • Fog Computing and Edge Computing in hyper-scale environment
    • 1 click deployment
    • Real-time feedback with your machines
    • Data Collect for Future Learning

    High Quality Consulting

    • 15+ years of research experience in both AI and IEM including semiconductors and manufacturing
    • High-quality AI experts in our team (Top 5% in Kaggle or AI contests)
    • All members published top-tier papers
  • The Flow of our Human-centered AI

    New Pillar of discovery the Deep Learning End-to-End Solution


    User Research

    By adopting the Human-centered AI, We can find the critical problem. Then transfer the problem into the value with our CLIENTS


    Collect Data

    Redefine the data,  collected from sensors, Internet, devices and then store at your database


    Bigdata ETL

    Clean the input datasets, fill the missing data, and perform the data
    pre-processing in Hyper-Scale platform


    Smart Labeling

    We proposed AI labeling algorithm to reduce the cost and time on pure Human labeling



    Hyper-Scale Training

    High-performance Algorithms for obtaining the best model for your innovation




    User-friendly dashboard, UX and professional report from our consulting partners




    Our Hyper-Scale Computing provide High-performance and scaled inference framework for different scenario

  • We are in the global AI Ecosystem

    University / Software / POC / Consulting / Training Partners

  • AI Education

    NVIDIA DLI University Ambassadorship

    We provide our knowledge, experience and cutting-edge ideas in Deep Learning


    Our team has passed the DLI certifications on Computer Vision, NLP, MDT, and CUDA in the US.
    As a member of NVIDIA DLI, we provide education in deep learning, machine learning, and AI since 2018.

    Teaching and Research services

    Two Labs in both CS and IEM

    Our team members are all from high-quality research labs. We share our experiences with the students including CS and IEM domain topics. In order to provide better AI solutions, we doing research and publishing papers to IEEE and ACM.

  • We are a Top-notch DL Team!

    More than 15 years experience and 20 more expert in both industry and computer science





    Textile industry




    Medical industry

    AR industry

  • Our Mission is to provide

    a fast and easy framework

    to our AI customers

    Our new Product Smart Labeling is Launched now.