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    Defect Detection

    Reduct the worker's loading

    Our clients including semiconductor, LCD manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, et., al. In the past few years, the quality measurement is using real people. Now, we use Avalanche Fast-AI.

    Overall task time is 3 time speed than before, 50% false alarm are removed, and $500K+ USD is saved.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Reduct the Time and Cost for Fixing the Machines

    For semiconductor and manufacturing clients, to avoid the machines suddenly crash is very important. Thus, we help them to predict when will the machines are broken by using AI algorithms.

    Overall, we could 80% time on monitoring machine status. Also, the machine downtime can be significantly reduced.

    Anomaly Detection

    Fewer Data, But Awesome Prediction Result

    From industry 3.5 to 4.0, we need time to collect the data for AI training. However, in the Avalanche Computing algorithm, we help our clients to find the anonymous using the nova algorithm in less dataset.

    Robotic AI

    AGV or Robotic Technique

    The AGV is widely used in high-tech manufacturing. It help people to save time, energy, and manpower. However, the optimized algorithm for routing, and scheduling need huge computing power.

    In our solution, we could high-scalability to deploy the AI to all AGV in mins and to develop AI model as fast as possible.

    AR/XR with AI

    AI with AR/XR

    Three years ago, we help to design a totally new XR for High-tech Industry. You can use XR as personal devices and with AI applications.