• 80% of AI Specialists Waste Most of Their Time

    on Waiting for Computing

    AI software fasten your model training and reduce time to production

  • Without AI software

    More than 1 year

    is spent on building AI application from configuration to deployment

    More than 10 AI talents

    including domain experts, IT, AI, Data Engineer, PM should take care of the project

    56% Costs

    is wasted on configuration & the computing resources on model training

  • Avalanche Computing provides AI software

    trains your AI model on multiple GPUs with a low-code environment

    & deploys your AI model on edge devices in one command

  • With AI software: FAST-AI

    1-2 Months

    Large-scale computing inside reduces AI development cycle from a Year to Months

    1 Day

    Simple and easy step, quick-start everyone can learn in a 1-day workshop

    7 Times Speed

    Automatically speed up & highly scalable platform

  • How Fast-AI Training Works


    Create a project

    Optimized AI environment is ready for you


    Connect to your dataset anywhere

    Secure connection

    to your dataset


    Design your model


    Pay as you go

    Start to train your model in 7x times speed
    training your model

  • Deploy your AI model on 10,000+ edge devices

    Conquer the last mile of scaling your AI applications

  • How Fast-AI Inference Works

    Performance optimization is built-in



    your model

    Select the optimized and trained AI models


    Assign to


    Select edges devices or machines to deploy



    model inference

    Auto scale up and deploy your model

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